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A 3-day Practical and High Impact Workshop

This 3-day practical and high-impact workshop is aimed at helping participants to identify effective data sources, develop meaningful metrics, design long-term measures, apply results in support of organizational strategy and tactics, and demonstrate how HR contributes to organisations’ bottom line.

Rationale for the Training

The HR function must become a high-value-added part of the organisation and play a key role in developing and implementing corporate strategy. This is because of the growing importance of human capital in organisational success.

The HR function is expected to play its role as a strategic partner in the organisation rather than a purely administrative function. Organisations are looking for HR professionals who will drive change rather than react to it.  HR professionals need to develop better metrics and analytics if they are to become true strategic partners in their various organisations.

For the HR function to move from the backroom to the boardroom and take its seat at the C-Suite, HR professionals must develop its ability to measure how HR decisions affect the organisation and how the decisions taken by the organisation affect the human capital.

This means HR professionals must be able to collect the right data to make the right decision and measure the impact of HR on organisations’ bottom line. Collecting the right kind of data requires that HR teams possess strong analytical skills; high-performing HR teams know that their function is to leverage data as a “decision science” by identifying metrics and data sources that deliver organizational insights. In order to do so, HR must ensure that metrics and measures are used effectively to achieve strategic goals.

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    27th – 29th April 2022


    8:30am – 3:30 pm Each Day


    GHS 1,400

    (excludes VAT, NHIL and CHRL but includes training materials, templates, certificates, coffee break and buffet lunch)


    Crystal Palm Hotel Tesano, near the Tesano Sports Club, Accra

    Topics to be covered include:

    • Basic HR excel functions for dashboard creation
    • Types of dashboards
    • How to create an excel dashboard – best practices and examples
    • Dashboard design for effective data management
    • HR Metrics Life Cycle
    • HR Metrics and Analytics: Staffing, training and development, compensation and benefits, performance management, employee relations, other metrics
    • Building your case and creating action
    • How to use HR metrics in creating data for onward dashboard analysis to measure the impact of HR on organisations’ bottom line.

    Target Group

    This training will be highly beneficial to:

    • HR professionals who want to advance and grow in their career
    • HR Professionals in organisations who would like to develop the role of HR within the organisation
    • HR Professionals tasked with providing HR data to support strategy development and delivery
    • Senior Managers who want to understand how they can deliver strategic and organisational change in their organisation and use HR support to achieve it
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    Advantages of HR Analytics

    • Helps in identifying, classifying and quantifying the productivity of employees
    • Helps in calculating ROI of employee initiatives
    • Helps in supporting the business decisions with the backing of data
    • Many companies are making HR Analytics a requirement for HR roles
    • Helps in your career and professional growth

    Objectives Of This Training

    By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

    • Appreciate the role of analytics in understanding behaviour and performance
    • Create and design dashboards for effective data management
    • Make decisions based on evidence rather than opinion
    • Use HR metrics to establish the contribution of the HR function
    • Use HR metrics to demonstrate the contribution of the organisation’s human resources
    • Use data to measure the impact of HR on their organisation’s bottom line

    Benefits And Takeaways

    HR Analytics tools and templates

    HR metrics template

    Networking opportunities with other HR practitioners

    Networking opportunity

    Networking opportunity


    Patricia Abena Kissi

    HR Consultant and CEO of SEDAT Consult Limited

    Eric Issah

    Eric is a Microsoft Office Specialist with 5years+ of working experience in Data Analytics, Data Visualization and Corporate Training in Analytics. He also works as a Data Analyst Electricity Company of Ghana. The presenter has practical experience in working with Excel & Power BI.

    1. Facilitator

    Advanced Microsoft Excel and Data Analytics for Subah Infosolutions (Gh) Ltd (February 2020)
    Advanced Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis & Visualization training for Enterprise Life (August 2019)
    Advanced Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis & Visualization for Institute of Chartered Accountant Students, (2018 to date)
    Advanced Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis & Visualization training for University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) students (2016-Present).

    2. Co-Facilitator

    Advanced Microsoft Excel and Analytics training for African Explosive Limited – Dec 2020
    Advanced Data Analysis & Visualization Training for Research Department (Ghana Parliament) – Dec 2020