The wide range of services offered by SEDAT Consult includes the following:
Training and Development
We deliver both in-house and public courses. Our in-house courses are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of our clients. Our training programmes include:
•    Leadership and supervisory skills
•    Customer service skills
•    Team building & Interpersonal skills
•    Soft skills (i.e. time and stress management, attitude management, presentation skills, negotiation skills etc)
•    Performance management
•    Strategic Human Resources Management
•    Accounting and financial training (i.e. introduction to finance and accounting, budget preparation, finance for the non-finance,  decision making based on financial data etc)
•    Script writing and editing
•    Safety training

Our recruitment services range from short term labour contract to executive search. They include:
•    Executive search
•    Permanent placement
•    Temporary placement
•    Temping/internship
Our recruitment process: Initial review and interview with potential candidates. A short-list is then presented to the client who will hold second and third level interview with or without the recruiter. After client’s selection, we conduct reference check and educational verification.
Business Process Evaluation
•    Business Plan Preparation
•    Proposal Writing
•    HR Review and Audit, Employee attitude survey
•    -Human Resource Planning
•    Job Evaluation
•    Corporate Culture Due diligence
•    Setting up HR department
•    Career Coaching
•    Development of HR policies and Manuals
•    Market research and survey

HR Surveys
•    Salary or Remuneration Survey
•    Employee Surveys (Satisfaction, engagement , commitment etc)
•    Exit interviews

Psychological Tests
•    Psychometric test
•    -Emotional Intelligence
•    -Management and Leadership skills test

Workshops and Seminars
Our workshops and seminars equip individuals, particularly young adults, with the basic skills and attitudes that help them to be the best version of themselves. Our seminar topics include but not limited to:
•     Personal discovery and development
•      Career Development
•    Self management and mastery
•    Self discipline
•    Attitude Management
•    Time Management
•    Identifying and clarifying values
•    Goal Setting and achievement
•    Creating mission and vision
•    Creating personal development plan
•    Handling Choices and responses
•    Feedback solicitation and use

Career Development Services
•    CV Assessment & Preparation
•    CV makeovers
•    Mock Interview
•    Job placement
•    Career & Personal Development Coaching
•    Career counselling and coaching

Business Start Up Advisory Services
•    Advisory Services
•    Business Plan Preparation
•    Proposal Writing

Book Writing and Editing Services

Book Writing
•    We can write your book for you – from start to finish
•    You tell us the story / what you want to write about
•    We develop an outline / Table of Content for your review and approval
•    We write the book one chapter at a time
•    We send each chapter to you for your review and approval before we move on to the next chapter
•    It takes us between one month to three months to complete a book depending on the number of pages and the level of collaboration with the author.
•    You have complete authority over the book we write. We don’t claim any entitlement to your book. You become the sole author of your book.
Book Editing
•    We edit your book for you – from start to finish
•    We track all the changes we make for you to review and accept
•    We make suggestions for you to consider
•    We submit the 1st edited draft for your review and comments
•    We do final editing and submit the manuscript for your final review

Research Consultancy Services
•    Research training/consultancy;
•    Data analysis & presentation services (using spss, analysis plus etc); and,
•    Writing research proposals/ reports

We provide high quality professional services and prepare individuals and corporate entities to avail themselves to greater efficiency, focused service delivery, effective leadership, team performance and current best practice in order to ensure sustained growth and improvement in performance and service delivery.