Book Writing and Editing Services

 Book Writing

  • We can write your book for you – from start to finish
  • You tell us the story / what you want to write about
  • We develop an outline / Table of Content for your review and approval
  • We write the book one chapter at a time
  • We send each chapter to you for your review and approval before we move on to the next chapter
  • It takes us between one month to three months to complete a book depending on the number of pages and the level of collaboration with the author.
  • You have complete authority over the book we write. We don’t claim any entitlement to your book. You become the sole author of your book.

Book Editing

  • We edit your book for you – from start to finish
  • We track all the changes we make for you to review and accept
  • We make suggestions for you to consider
  • We submit the 1st edited draft for your review and comments
  • We do final editing and submit the manuscript for your final review